New management is set to reopen the popular spot with help from former owners.

Hot dog lovers in Poughkeepsie and throughout the Hudson Valley area can rejoice. Nearly a year after closing its doors, one of the most popular hot dog spots around is getting a new lease on life.

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Smith Street Hot Dogs located at 105 Smith St in Poughkeepsie was a family-run business that had been around for 50-plus years, offering authentic, city-style Boar's Head hot dogs.

Those who have experienced the timeless "Smith Street Dog" know. They always ranked on our list of Top 5 Favorite Hudson Valley Hot Dog Spots. It was announced back in 2021 that the legendary Hudson Valley hot dog stand was for sale after 50 years and in July of last year, they closed their doors.

New Ownership Reopening Smith Street Hot Dogs Spot

After seeing some activity recently going on at the former Smith Street Hot Dogs spot in Poughkeepsie, I stopped into the shop and happened to meet the new owner of the business.

Owner Amir told me that the business will be opening up under the name Mariam Food Services and that they will be keeping true to the Smith Street Dogs menu while also adding to it soon.

Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives
Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives

Amir also revealed that former owner John Pavlos will be on board to assist in getting the new business started up, delivering those same great hot dogs along with those meatballs!

Smith Street Hot Dogs Facebook
Smith Street Hot Dogs Facebook

That's right! Popular favorites will return including those meatball sandwiches that everyone loved, along with the famous hot dogs, sausage and peppers and more.

The spot will also have breakfast sandwiches available along with snacks, soda and juice, with beer and wine coming soon.

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When is the Former Smith Street Hot Dogs Spot Opening?

The new business is set to open on Friday, May 31 with hours set for 7 days a week (Monday through Friday) from 6am til 6pm. Keep an eye on the Smith Street Hot Dogs Facebook page for more info and updates.

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