A steamy Hudson Valley affair has blossomed into a new relationship and...podcast?

Remember last year around the end of November or the beginning of December when news broke about Good Morning America co-hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes? The two, who co-hosted the 3rd hour of Good Morning America together, were caught in a steamy love affair.

Robach and Holmes we're caught sneaking out for a romantic getaway in Ulster County. On November 13th, 2022 the couple was seen shacking up at a rustic cottage on the edge of Minnewaska State Park and the Daily Mail published pictures of the co-workers turned lovers:

The Daily Mail
The Daily Mail

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We later learned that the 2 were quietly separated from their significant others in August of 2022 which makes the whole situation thankfully less scandalous. Unfortunately for Robach and Holmes, after news broke of the affair they were suspended by ABC.

Both anchors stepped away from social media for a while, with Robach deactivatin her Instagram account. That is until recently...

Ulster County Affair Leads to New Relationship and Podcast

Robach slowly and quietly made her return to social media this past August, with a picture of her legs in running attire and another set of legs also in running attire.

While Robach was quiet on social media, Holmes shared tons of photos with a "mystery woman" who we all could tell was Robach.

However this week the couple made it IG official:

And there you have it. Instagram official and the announcement of a new podcast dropping December 5th.

We'll be keeping our ears open. Will the couple be sharing details about their Minnewaska getaway? Or how lovely the Hudson Valley is as an escape from the city? Either way, we're invested.

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