So if you have even met me for a minute you know how much I love antiques. Usually, someone who has a side hustle is a bartender or maybe in a band, I however am a "junker". Yep, I love my antiques.

Every weekend I am out there buying and selling. I am looking for treasures that other people are either ready to part with or just plain out don't want anymore. I get it not everyone wants to be left with their grandmother's china but in honor of National Cherish an Antique Day let me try give you some ideas on how you might grow to love the stuff you think you don't want.

How to Repurpose an Unwanted China Cabinet into a Coffe Bar

We will get to all the details about National Cherish an Antique Day in a moment but for right now let's focus on you and the things you inherit that you may not want. It is easy to keep a piece of jewelry or some other small such item that someone has left you, but what to do with a larger item you can fit in your house?


Don't think of that big old china cabinet as something that doesn't "work" in your dining room. Think of it as a fun project you can bring into this decade. That China Cabinet could become a coffee bar.

Another version for a smaller space.

What to Make From an Old Sewing Machine Table

And if you think those ideas for old hutches are cool, look what you can do with an old sewing machine cabinet.

There are plenty of places to hunt down old items for projects like these if no one has given you one. Try your local Habitat for Humanity. I always have good luck at the Habitat Dutchess Restore. Check Facebook Market Place and local thrift stores plus I included a list of antique stores below.

How to Celebrate National Cherish an Antique Day

As for National Cherish an Antique Day. It is simple to celebrate all you need to do is follow these great ideas from the National Days Calendar.

  • Give your antiques some attention. Write down the stories attached to them. Whether they are personal or more directly related to the object, the item comes to life when the history attached to it is linked to it.
  • Share your favorite antiques.
  • Explore antique shops and estate sales.
  • Use #CherishAnAntiqueDay to post on social media

A List of Hudson Valley Antique Stores

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