Bannerman Island located in the Hudson River in Dutchess County is filled with history. Thousands of tourists visit the infamous island every year for tours and performances.

While no one lives on the island now, a recent Facebook post has us questioning if other beings are calling Bannerman home.

The Haunted History of Bannerman Castle and Pollepel Island

Bannerman Island has a deep-rooted history dating back to the 1700's.

According to the Bannerman website, before it became known as Bannerman Castle it was an "uninhabited place, accessible only by boat" and known as Pollepel Island.

The island was also considered to be haunted by local Indian tribes. Those stories made their way to the Dutch sailors who used their imaginations to create "fanciful tales."


Over the years the haunted tales of Bannerman Island have bloomed into stories about the island being possessed by spirits and another interesting rumor about Tribe Goblins.

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The Visit Vortex website explains that sailors feared a "tribe of goblins that were subjects of the Heer of Dunderburgh." The site adds that Dunderburgh allegedly "controlled the winds and waters of the Hudson Highlands" in Washington Irving's The Storm Ship. 

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In the story, the ship The Flying Dutchman sank in a storm south of Bannerman Island and was said to "be doomed to sail the Hudson for eternity. During violent storms, cries for help from the crew can still be heard."

Now this all could be chalked up to local legends and lore. But are the Goblins causing issues now in 2024 at Bannerman Island?

Does Bannerman Island Have a Goblin Problem?

The local lore regarding the Goblins on Bannerman Island must be spreading. The Facebook page associated with the island shared an interesting message to its followers earlier this week.

It looks like Bannerman is trying to dispel the Goblin rumors. And listen, we understand most people don't believe in the paranormal and superstitions. So I guess we can take Bannerman's word for it, there are NO GOBLINS on the island...

With that being said, I don't know about you, but the above statement sounds like something someone with a goblin problem would say. Just sayin'.

We reached out to Bannerman Island for more information regarding their latest goblin update. Once we hear back, we'll make sure to give you any additional Bannerman goblin information.

Tour Bannerman Island This Year in the Hudson Valley

From May until October, Bannerman Island will host tours and fun events giving Hudson Valley residents and those visiting an experience of a lifetime.

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