On Super Bowl Sunday ARF, Animal Rescue Foundation, in Beacon New York shared that one of their pups would make an appearance during the big game.

When we say big game, we mean the most important football game of all time...The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Puppy Bowl XX Goes Off Without a Hitch

For those unfamiliar with the Puppy Bowl, for the last 20 years, Animal Planet has drafted several adoptable puppies and kittens to take part in the least competitive, but most adorable, football game you've ever seen.

The puppies run around a small field chasing after each other and random toys with play-by-play being called from the booth and Dan the referee on the scene to make sure there's no roughhousing. The kittens take over for a PURfect halftime performance.

Team Ruff beat Team Fluff this time, 72 to 69.

What makes the Puppy Bowl special is that all the animals seen during the show are from different rescues across the US. Many of the dogs selected for the Puppy Bowl were from Hudson Valley rescues.

Beacon, NY Pup Featured During Puppy Bowl

One of the rescues that received the Puppy Bowl spotlight was ARF, Animal Rescue Foundation, in Beacon.

A pup named Champ was featured during their Adoptable Pups segment:

On Facebook, ARF describes Champ as a 4-month-old Aussie mix who is a " lively, friendly and cuddly puppy!" They add:

He is a pro at tug-of-war and likes to share some snuggles and kisses. Champ would be a great addition to an active family that can match his enthusiasm and provide the playtime he craves. Having been fostered alongside a litter of kittens, he’s open to sharing his space with a dog-savvy cat who enjoys playtime too.


Champ is Up for Adoption at ARF in Beacon, NY

If you saw Champ during the Puppy Bowl and thought to yourself that he would be the perfect addition to your family...you're not alone.

ARF, Facebook
ARF, Facebook

On Monday, February 13th, 2024, just one day after the Puppy Bowl aired ARF released the following statement on their Facebook account:

Wow! We are so grateful for all of the applications we received for little Champ after his Puppy Bowl appearance on Animal Planet! Please allow us a couple of days to process them. Thank you for your understanding and your support for ARF and rescue pets!
Here's to hoping Champ finds the most perfect Forever Family. With that being said, there are so many other dogs and cats looking for their future forever homes. Head over to ARF's Facebook page or website to see who's currently up for adoption today!

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