Have you ever heard of a "Buc-ee's"? Could they be coming to New York?

Have you noticed that when you travel across the country there are a ton of grocery and convenience stores that we don't have here in the Hudson Valley or anywhere in New York? If you drive into New Jersey there's a chain of convenience stores that we have been begging for years to have in the Hudson Valley.

Wawa is one of the stores that we think would be extremely successful but after years of begging, we have decided that we are no longer going to beg. We get it!! Wawa wants nothing to do with the Hudson Valley so we are now going to shift our focus to bringing in a different chain of stores that from what we've been told will change our lives!

The store is called Buc-ee's and honestly, I have never seen or been to one but according to anyone that has been, it's the best convenience store in the country!

Google Maps
Google Maps

What is a Buc-ee's?

Buc-ee's was founded in 1982 and is a chain of huge country stores, and gas stations that is well known for how big their locations are. If you have been you already know that most locations are HUGE and offer customers gas, a variety of candy, and snacks including their popular beef jerky. They also offer brisket, baked goods, tacos, fresh sandwiches, souvenirs, and travel items according to Wikipedia.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Largest Gas Station in the World

Buc-ee's started in Texas and began opening stores in other states in 2018, including stores in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee. (The Buc-ee's location in Sevierville, Tennessee is currently the largest gas station in the world.)

They are planning to open new locations in North Carolina, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin soon and as you would expect, people in those states are thrilled to have Buc-ee's in town but what about New York?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Do We Want a Buc-ee's in New York?

According to anyone who has been to a Buc-ee's, the Hudson Valley would fall in love if we ever got one, there's a reason that the store's fan base places them in the top gas stations in the country year after year.

We have also been told that the bathrooms are some of the cleanest public bathrooms in the world. There is nothing worse than having to "go" on a road trip and you walk into a gross bathroom! Not at a Buc-ee's! Their bathrooms are so clean and well-kept that back in 2012 they won an award for the "Best Restroom in America".

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There are two locations that are approximately 11 hours away from the Hudson Valley with one in Richmond, Kentucky, and another location in Florence, South Carolina.

Have you ever been to a Buc-ee's? If you have please let us know about your experience by texting us through our station app above. Are they really that good? Do you want one to open in the Hudson Valley?

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