UPDATES are being added to the end of this article as they come in from the group tracking Takito and Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley. If you see Takito, Please don't chase. You can call in your sighting to the number in this article.

A friendly Pit Bull who happens to be deaf needs our help. Takito has been missing since the afternoon of December 19th, 2023.

Over the past few days, a large amount of people along with drone companies have been working hard to locate Takito who went missing after a car accident near Dressel Farm in New Paltz. According to the missing report, Takito jumped out of the vehicle at the accident scene.

Help Find Takito the Dog Missing In New Paltz, New York

Takito is a friendly pit bull who was recently adopted. His new person and he were in a car accident on Tuesday which resulted in the truck they were riding in flipping over. What is not clear is if Takito is injured. However, to complicate things more, Takito is deaf. He is also not familiar with the area.


Since he went missing, multiple people have used drones to try and spot Takito in the thick woods. At one point during the first night he was missing, a drone operator spotted him with a thermal drone. However, he was unable to get to the dog before he disappeared again.

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As you can imagine, many folks have banded together to try and locate Takito. Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley along with Dressel Farms are keeping the public updated. The hope is that he stays in the area until someone finds him. The weather is an issue due to the extreme cold.

Takito Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley via Facebook
Takito Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley via Facebook

If you are in the area of New Paltz, Gardiner, Plattekill, and Modena, be sure to keep your eyes open. He is pure white and was wearing a green bandana with a training collar when he went missing. He is very friendly and treat motivated. If you have any sightings please Call 845-857-5798 you can also email savingsouthtexas@gmail.com.

UPDATE: 12/21/23 7 AM from Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley - Takito was spotted again by a drone on 12/20/2023 around 11:30 PM. Still near the accident scene behind Dressel Farms in New Paltz.

UPDATE: 12 /21/23 4 PM from Staff at Dressel Farms - they want everyone to be assured that they are in direct contact with the dog's owner and the person leading the search. There is a K9 behaviorist involved and drones are still at work tracking Takito. The staff at Dressel is prepared if they spot him and they are keeping an eye on any buildings Takito might shelter in from the cold. The accident happened down the road from the farm and that area seems to be where Takito is roaming.

They also want to assure everyone that they along with many professionals in the K9 field and the canine community are working hard to bring this to a happy ending. All the public needs to do is if you see him please call 845-857-5798. Reaching out for updates is not necessary. When Takito is safe back home that news will be shared.

Takito Updates From Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley via Facebook

UPDATE: 12/23/2023  If Spotted PLEASE DO NOT CHASE. No specific information will be posted.

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