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It has now been over a week since a dog named Takito ran from a car accident that happened in New Paltz near the Gardiner Town Line. The vehicle he was riding in was being driven by a person who had recently planned to adopt him.

A group named Saving South Texas, which is a Texas-based animal rescue has recently shared updated information in the hopes that it might help bring Takito's story to a happy ending. They are the original organization that brought Takito to the Northeast, Connecticut to be exact in hopes of getting him a permanent home.

How Did Takito Get Lost in the area of Dressel Farms in New Paltz, New York

Saving South Texas via Facebook
Saving South Texas via Facebook

On the afternoon of December 9th, the person who had Takito on an adoption trial got into a car accident with Takito in the vehicle. That is when Takito, who is deaf got out and ran from the accident. Not familiar with the area and deaf it is pretty apparent that Takito is in survival mode at the moment.

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A person who had fostered Takito is leading the search which has now lasted over a week. As soon as the accident happened people were looking for Takito but as is often the case initially animals run in fear, however, they are known to stay in the area of the accident which seems to be the case with Takito.

Lost Deaf White Dog Still Missing in New Paltz

First responders, animal control, state police, and others were all notified that Takito was missing. Many of the people who were at the accident scene have continued to aid in the search. Trappers, trackers, and even heat-seeking drones are all on the lookout for Takito who to date has been spotted but eluded the good samaritans who are searching and trying to bring him home.


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The group leading the search also wants people to know that there is a team out looking. They are also cautioning people about misinformation about the incident and sightings of Takito that are turning up online. They want the public to know that they are sharing updates but are doing so cautiously to protect the area where it is believed Takito is hiding out.

How Can the Hudson Valley Help Find Takito

They did share these specific things the public can do to help. Please don't chase Takito if you see him. Report any sighting to (845) 288-2662

1- Now we are asking for the community’s help! If you live in New Paltz or the surrounding towns, please check your doorbell/ security cameras. Please check your backyards and sheds.

2 - If you can, print and hang flyers in the area of New Paltz and Gardiner. It doesn’t matter if they are black/white or color- we need help making sure flyers are on every telephone pole and street corner in the area. Please comment or DM us and we can email you the flyer!
3 - If you have any camera footage or information, please email us at
The only people involved in Takito’s search that have accurate updates include our Saving South Texas rescue team (Kaitlyn, Allyson, Kara, Bridget), Jenn (foster), and Fred/Keith the drone pilots.
There may be delays because we are all very busy with focusing on bringing Takito home safe. (via Facebook)

Most Hudson Valley lost pets sites have shared this information. If you do live in the area or use the rail trail between Gardiner and New Paltz please keep an eye out.

UPDATE: from HV Lost Pets 12-29-2023

Yesterday afternoon we finally had a visual sighting of Takito. He reportedly looks physically well. A group of people tried to approach him, he was scared off and ran away. He is still in New Paltz but we are not disclosing locations for safety. Our team has been working behind the scenes on this and will continue.
We are so relieved for a sighting, but this is an important reminder to please DO NOT chase or approach Takito. Please immediately call 845-288-2662 with the sighting info!

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