If you've been driving around the Ulster County area, you may have done a double take while driving in Woodstock.

Is there a new diner in town? Yes and no.

Is There a Cheez-It Diner in Woodstock, New York?

Over the weekend, folks in the Ulster County area were buzzing about a new restaurant in town. What was once Dixon Roadside, was taken over by a sign that said Cheez-In. The sign looked strikingly similar to the Cheez-Its cracker logo.

Rumors swirled that it was going to be a gas station pop-up like Cheez-It had done in the past. Others said that a commercial was set to be filmed there. However, there was no definite answer.

Earlier this morning I shot an email over to the Cheez-It Promotional Team asking if there was any answer to why a random Cheez-In building was popping up in the middle of Ulster County.

I was promptly met with the following answer:

Thanks for your message! We are currently experiencing high email volumes and will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you again for contacting us.
Kellanova Consumer Affairs
I guess I wasn't the only one with questions. However, a little detective work and some good luck had brought us the answers we've been waiting for. . .

Yes. There is a Cheez-It Themed Diner in Woodstock, New York

Cheez-It shared the news on Facebook on Monday, May 20th, 2024 writing:

Meet the world's only Cheez-In Diner! We’re officially open TODAY! Order up from May 20- May 26 starting at 4:00pm!

Take a look!

Here's a quick look at what they'll be serving up at the Cheez-In Diner on Tinker Street in Woodstock:

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