This is the time of year when a lot of our area rescues are getting set for the winter which can mean additional costs. We are also heading into the gift-giving season which is a great time to think about paying it forward.

I don't know if you are like me but every time I see an ad on TV like the Subura ad for old and disabled shelter dogs I just want to take them all home. Sadly the hard truth is we can't but luckily you can help.

Hudson Valley Animals Rescues Need Donation this time of Year

Many of our area rescues are holding fundraisers right now to help them with the upcoming winter. Over the last few weeks, I have seen a few of the efforts come up on social media.

Equine Rescue Resource Inc - Donkeys
Equine Rescue Resource Inc - Donkeys

Here are a few of the opportunities I have seen where you can help. You would be surprised how far your donation will go once it gets into the hands of one of these organizations.

Hudson Valley Animals Rescues that Need Donations

13 Hands Equine Rescue, Inc. in Clinton Corners, New York currently has a fundraiser underway that is a donor match program. Donating there means your money will double. (13 Hands Equines Rescue's Doner Match). Snookie is pictured below he would be happy with a $10 donation which would buy a bale of hay.

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13 Hands Equine Rescue Inc via Facebook
13 Hands Equine Rescue Inc via Facebook

Just last week I helped my neighbor with her hay delivery for her horses. I didn't realize that the price of hay and the ability to get it this year was so tough. Apparently, there is a bit of a hay shortage due to the summer's weird weather.

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Equine Rescue Resource, Inc. in Pine Bush is also trying to raise funds right now. Over the weekend they were called to an auction to rescue two baby donkeys.

A kind soul called to tell us there were two baby donkeys terrified at the auction. Apparently their owner pulled up in a van, consigned them and left. (via Equine Rescue Resource Facebook, Inc.)

These two are in need of some medical attention so anything you can donate would go a long way in helping with their care. (Information on how to Donate)

Equine Rescue Resource Inc via Facebook
Equine Rescue Resource Inc. via Facebook

Pets Alive in Middletown, New York is where I found my Minnie Pearl. She was one of the many puppies they have rescued over the years out of kill shelters down south. Pets Alive continues to care for not just dogs but also cats, pigs, goats, and on occasion other animals in need of shelter food, and a safe place while they wait for their forever homes.

Pets Alive has many ways you can donate they also do fundraisers out in the community. Coming up this week they have a Pups and Pinot at City Winery in Montgomery and on November 2 they have a comedy night at Clemson Bros. Brewery in Middletown.

Pets Alive via Facebook
Pets Alive via Facebook

Hopefully, you can attend one of their great events. But remember, no matter what, the ability to donate and help is there for you 24/7/365. So consider making them your birthday or Christmas gift recipient. And to keep it topical, how about donating the same amount you plan to spend on Halloween candy this week?

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You may not be able to adopt but you can always volunteer your time or money.

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