If and when it snows there's one park in Dutchess County offering sledding for everyone!

With winter officially here in the Hudson Valley there are numerous things that we can do after a fresh snowfall. We often refer to them as our favorite "S" things to do when it snows. Many of us choose to do things like snowmen, snowballs, snowmobiling, snow angels, and so on but there's one "S" that stands out above all the others.

Dutchess County Parks Department
Dutchess County Parks Department

Sledding in the Hudson Valley

Honestly, I don't think there's anything better to do after a fresh snowfall than bundling up the family, grabbing your favorite sled, and heading out to your favorite snow hill in the Hudson Valley. Over the years we have found that the Hudson Valley is full of great places to go sledding, so much so that below we have listed 13 of the best hills to sled down across the Hudson Valley.

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Before you scroll down to find a hill near you let us remind you that our friends at the Dutchess County Parks Department (DCPD) have announced on Facebook that they have prepared a popular hill to sled down as the area gets ready for a snowstorm. Here's what the post said,

"Just waiting to be used… The sledding hill at Bowdoin is all prepped and ready for the white stuff. ❄️ Now we wait to see if the weather cooperates this weekend."

Dutchess County Parks Department
Dutchess County Parks Department

Sledding at Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls, New York

As you can see above the sledding hill at Bowdoin Park, 85 Sheafe Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY is ready to go! DCPD did say if and when it snows they will provide updates on sledding hill times of operation at Bowdoin Park on Facebook and are even offering a "winter hotline" this year where folks can call to get an update on conditions and more. Interested "sledders" can call 845-298-4607 for more information. If you plan to sled at Bowdoin Park this year there are a few rules & regulations that you need to be aware of including:

  • Sled at your own risk
  • Sled Only on designated hill areas within orange fencing
  • Metal edge or metal runner sleds, wooden toboggans, snowboards, skis, and
  • oversized tubes are prohibited

Here are 12 other hills that you might want to visit this winter...Please remember that fans have suggested these hills and rules and availability vary by location...

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