Did you see that?! A well-renowned Ghost Hunter caught some interesting evidence at a haunted New York Bed and Breakfast.

Burn Brae Mansion: One of The Most Haunted B & B's in the Country

Hudson Valley natives know that Burn Brae Mansion is one of the most haunted locations in the area. There have been tons of alleged ghost sightings in the Glen Spey,  New York B&B.

Many believe they have seen the figure of a man but in the form of a black mist. There have been accounts of guests hearing voices, footsteps and even a baby crying. Some have alleged that they've seen a Lady in White walking the grounds of Byurn Brae.

So what happens when a paranormal professional shows up to investigate on his own?

Jason Hawes Searches Burn Brae Mansion for Paranormal Activity

Those familiar with the paranormal world probably recognize the name Jason Hawes. He is a founding member of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, and starred on shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation.

Now it seems like he's traveling around the US and doing investigations for his successful YouTube channel. Hawes is no stranger to Burn Brae Mansion, he's visited the B&B while on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation.

This time around it was a smaller crew and cameras which made for an intimate paranormal investigation.

What did Jason catch on camera? You be the judge:

Did you see the infamous Lady in White or hear the baby crying? Did you see the dolls moving? Let us know!

Would you be brave enough to spend the night at Burn Brae Mansion?

Haunted New York State

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Determining the most haunted states in America can be subjective and depends on various factors, including the number of reported ghostly encounters, the density of historical sites, and the prevalence of well-known haunted locations."

With that data, here's several states that are often considered to be among the most haunted in America, based on their historical significance and numerous reported paranormal experiences. See where New York ranked on this list:

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