Get your tin foil hats on! It's time to talk Conspiracy Theories.

April 8th Brings Solar Eclipse to New York State

It's the most talked about event over the last few weeks. New Yorkers have been buzzing about the April 8th Solar Eclipse. Parts of New York State will be lucky enough to see the eclipse reach totality on Monday afternoon.

The Hudson Valley will catch a small glimpse of the historic eclipse. And with that, a handful of schools will dismiss their students early or close school altogether.

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Most closings are due to an extra snow day the school didn't use, dismissals are a way to avoid traffic with the buses and possible tourists visiting the area to see the eclipse. Others checked in with us to say it could be a safety issue, having kids on the bus with no eye protection looking up at the sky.

The eclipse is set to start at 2:11 pm and fully wrap up by 4:36 pm.

Crazy Conspiracy Theories Being Shared In Light of Solar Eclipse

Of course, with anything out of the ordinary, embellished stories begin to be spun. Next thing you know, there's a new conspiracy theory on the move.

The solar eclipse has conspiracy theorists in an uproar. SYFY has been breaking down these theories and debunking them. 

One of the more popular theories is that the eclipse will bring mayhem and destruction or the fall of civilization. That's an outrageous theory. However, SYFY says that many of these towns that are directly in the path of the eclipse are getting thousands of visitors.


Many of these small towns aren't equipped for an event that big and this could cause disarray. writes "If a small town with a typical population of a few thousand suddenly has tens of thousands of people taxing its electrical grid and cell towers, there’s a possibility of failure. We might also see similar shortages of certain materials as supply chains designed for a certain population are suddenly hit much harder."

A TikTok video is going viral about the 2017 eclipse path crossing with the 2024 eclipse path which the video claims has never happened in the United States." The viral video goes on to "wonder if giants might wake up in a nearby national park."


If you're heading out to see the eclipse live, in person, take a look at some things that may be important to pack for your trip:

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Parts of New York State can see the eclipse reach totality. Here are some of the best towns to check it out:

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Take a look at some more eclipse conspiracy theories below:

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