One of the most popular rappers, and Taylor Swift's bestie, was quite the Hudson Valley athlete before her rise to fame.

Who is Ice Spice?

Hip-hop fans, TikTokers, and Swifties know exactly who we're talking about, but in case you're not keeping up... Ice Spice is one of the hottest rappers out right now. Ice Spice, also known as Isis Gaston, was born and raised in Bronx, New York and over the last few years has skyrocketed to fame.

Ice Spice started rapping in 2021 and hasnt stopped. She's behind songs like "Think U The Sh**(Fart)," "Munch," "Deli," and featured on Taylor Swift's Karma remix.

Before her rap career took off she was playing Volleyball

Ice Spice Hits the SUNY Purchase Courts

The Drill rapper grew up in the Bronx and attended high school at Sacred Heart in Yonkers and graduated in 2018. After graduating she attended SUNY Purchase and was a star on the court.

According to Wikipedia, Spice was a Defensive Specialist on the schools volleyball team.  The site adds in some stats too:

In seven matches, she had two kills and nine digs in the 2018 season.

However, her collegiate volleyball career was short lived. After the 2018 season Ice Spice hung up her volleyball uniform citing a grueling commute to and from the college. It looks like her rap career is already lasting longer than her volleyball career.

The lower Hudson Valley native was seen all night at the Super Bowl this year sitting right beside Taylor Swift in the Kelce family suite. Where you saw Taylor, you saw Ice Spice.

Take a look at some of the best photos from the game below:

Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl

See Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl.

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