Do you believe in the afterlife? Maybe a stay at a haunted Hudson Valley Bed and Breakfast will confirm your beliefs or make you a believer.

An alleged haunted mansion in Glen Spey, New York was visited by one of the top Paranormal investigators in the game.

Burn Brae Mansion Welcomes Jason Hawes to the Haunted Hudson Valley

According to their Facebook page, Burn Brae Mansion is a "century-old Victorian estate rich in history and paranormal activity."  The mansion is a themed Bed and Breakfast and is considered a "unique destination for adventurers of all ages."

What makes it so unique is probably all the tales of paranormal experiences shared by guests throughout the years. Linda Blair, yes from The Exorcists, is quoted as saying " Burn Brae Mansion is one of my favorite places to stay when I am up here."

Voices, shadow figures, and other otherworldly encounters have been experienced at the Glen Spey bed and breakfast.

Jason Hawes of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, is one of the most well-known paranormal investigators in the game. You may know him from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation.

Burn Brae Mansion, Facebook
Burn Brae Mansion, Facebook

Burn Brae shared on Facebook over the weekend that Hawes was at the mansion for an investigation and maybe a collaboration in the future. Burn Brae writes:

We love it when Jason Hawes @jchawes comes to visit @burnbraemansion and super excited to see what his investigation found this time. One of the nicest guys in the biz and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Stay tuned for collaborations to come…


This isn't the first time the haunted Glen Spey mansion has been investigated...

Mr. Beast Challenges Youtuber to a Night at Burn Brae

One of the biggest names on YouTube challenged an international social media influencer to spend the night alone at Burn Brae Mansion.

In January, Burn Brae Mansion shared the news that popular Latin American Youtuber Fede Vigevani would be spending the night at Burn Brae, alone and filming everything he experienced along the way. The idea came from Mr. Beast who is known for his insane challenges with huge cash prizes.

Vigevani has 39.7 million subscribers on YouTube, 8.2 Million on Instagram, and 21.4 Million on TikTok.

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