Local law enforcement is dubbing 2 Middle School lunch monitors as heroes after a scary cafeteria incident.

Bailey Middle School Monitors Dubbed Heroes After Scary Choking Incident

The Kingston Police Department took to social media to give the spotlight to 2 lunch monitors at Bailey Middle School.  School Resource Officer Kurz reported to the Kingston Police Department that a student ran up to lunch monitor Brandon Haslam-Brown, pointing at his throat.

At that point, Haslam-Brown asked if the child was choking. The child shook their head, yes, that's when Brandon jumped into action. The Kingston Police Department writes:

Brandon immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver and within two trusts, the item dislodged from the students throat.

Once the object was out of the child's throat, a second Monitor, Jen Merrill, showed the student how to take deep breaths and brought the child to a water fountain. The nursing staff at Bailey Middle School then evaluated the student.

Thankfully, the Kingston Police Department reports that the student is feeling much better and in good health.

MTV Star Saves Son Choking on Pasta

Recently a video went viral of a scary choking incident at the home of Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

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His family was sitting around the kitchen table enjoying a pesto gnocchi pasta when his young son started choking. Sorrentino immediately reacted and started the Heimlich Maneuver to get the pasta lodged out of his son's throat.

What Sorrentino calls "The SCARIEST MOMENT OF OUR LIVES" was all caught on Ring security video.

The scary moment brought the importance of knowing the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR to the spotlight.

CPR and Live Saving Training Across New York State with The Red Cross

According to the National Safety Council, choking deaths are the 4th leading cause of unintentional deaths every year. Choking is also one of the leading causes of death in infants.


Children and infants require a different type of Himelich Maneuver rescue procedure than adults. You can learn the step-by-step rescue procedure on the NSC website. 

If you're interested in taking classes that could save someone's life, The American Red Cross has several to choose from. CPR classes are available online and in person with a blended "Simulation Learning experience."

Other classes include Babysitting Training and AED certification.

Classes are easily found on RedCross.org and type in your zip code to find the closest class near you.

A job well done by Brandon Haslam-Brown and Jen Merrill!

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