It wasn't exactly a scene out of the wild, wild west but it does seem as though there may have been a few wild moments when a pony decided to take a trot around Southern Westchester on Friday. Even if you are a pony owner you might still be surprised by some of this story.

In the horse world ponies are notorious for having a mind of their own. They are cute and sometimes very tiny but they are never to be underestimated. Ponies can often achieve things a horse wouldn't even imagine trying to do.

New Rochelle Police Call in Twin Lakes Farm to Help Capture Loose Pony

A case in point is this Pony, who managed to head out on its own from where it was lying over on its way north.

On this excursion, the pony managed to navigate the streets of Larchmont and New Rochelle, New York including traveling over Metro North Tracks and I-95. Not to mention crossing multiple city streets.


See Pony Take New York Police Department on a Tour of Westchester

No one can say exactly what this pony may have been out to do in the adventure that ended when the New Rochelle Police Department who were assisting the Larchmont Police Department called in the "Horse Guy" to help them collect this pony fugitive.

New Rochelle Police Department via Facebook
New Rochelle Police Department via Facebook

Bronxville Riding School Assists Police in Wrangling Pony on an Overnight Adventure

One thing is clear they called the right guy. Not only did Scott Tarter of Twin Lakes Farm pick up the pony at the Starbucks at 80 Huguenot Street in New Rochelle but he was able to help facilitate finding out the little escapee's home base.

Scott jokes that if nothing else it puts to rest the question of which coffee ponies prefer since this pony passed right by a Dunkin' to get to a Starbucks.

I had the chance to speak with Scott about how things unfolded. He said the call came in around 5 AM Friday from the New Rochelle Police Department. When they said they had apprehended a loose horse Scott assumed it was one of his from his farm.

Twin Lakes Farm via Facebook
Twin Lakes Farm via Facebook

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As the phone call continued he realized that it was not one of his horses. He also realized it would need to not only be rescued but then have the owner located. Scott hooked up the trailer and ventured out to the Starbucks parking lot. That is where he found the pony tied to a tree hanging out with the officers in the Starbucks parking lot.

Scott loaded the pony in the trailer and then began calling all the places he could think of nearby that might have been missing a pony. It turned out not to be a local farm but instead, a private owner who was laying over in the area as they traveled north. This pony was just a tourist out for some sightseeing and a coffee. I asked Scott to estimate how far the pony had traveled on the outing. He estimates 3 to 4 miles.

Fortunately for this tiny adventurer, it all ends happily. The pony made it safely back home. The Larchmont and New Rochelle Police Department showed their communities that they are ready to assist at all times in any situation and when they need to they will "know a guy" who they can call to help.

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