I don't know about you, but I stray away from sad movies involving pets. My heart just can't take it, but if there's a happy ending I'm all in.

Middletown, NY Dog Thrown From Moving Vehicle

With that being said, I'm a dog person through and through so I follow a ton of local animal rescues and shelters. So occasionally, I'll see a post about a lost dog trying to find their owner. The latest story across my timeline broke my heart.

Middletown Humane Society, Facebook
Middletown Humane Society, Facebook

The Middletown New York Humane Society wrote on their Facebook page that Baymax, a doodle breed, ended up in their hands after an awful situation. They write:

Baymax is a doodle dog that arrived here after a local veterinarian's office witnessed him being thrown out of his car because his humans no longer wanted him.
Rescues and shelters are seeing this at an alarming rate, it's not only wrong but you can be charged with animal cruelty and abandonment.

Bymax the Dog Makes Full Recovery

After Bymax was dropped off at the Middletown Humane Society, it took a little time for him to warm up to the staff. After such a traumatic experience, his hesitation was warranted. They share on Facebook "This sweet and nervous guy took almost 2 weeks to warm up our the team here at MHS."

Thankfully, he made a full turn around and would wag his "happy tail" and stand when the staff would approach him. MHS adds "Even though we know his family had given up on him, we had to hold him a legal number of days before we could have him looked at by our vet." He was neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and ready to find a new home.

On Tuesday, October, 3rd 2023 Bymax was listed as up for adoption. By October 6th he was adopted and ready to start a new life with a loving family. Like we said before, we love happy endings.

Congratulations, Bymax on your new forever home!

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