Could a new bridge connecting Dutchess and Ulster Counties be coming soon?

Yes, the month of April starts with many pranks and jokes on April Fools Day (4/1) and at first, it might sound like a joke, but hear me out before you judge!

Does the Hudson Valley need another bridge to connect Dutchess and Ulster Counties?


Hudson Valley Bridge Traffic is Awful

If you've ever tried to cross the Mid-Hudson Bridge in the morning or evening commute you are well aware that traffic is oftentimes is a nightmare especially if you're unlucky enough to cross when the bridge authority is changing the lanes on the span. Personally, I cross the bridge from Poughkeepsie to Highland every Tuesday evening and almost every week I get stuck in the "lane changing traffic" that can sometimes last for a while.

Mid Hudson Bridge

I understand it's nobody's fault but after sitting in traffic again last week I had a thought that I've had before and wondered if I'm the only one that thinks it could work. Back in 2022, I shared my new bridge idea online and was met with some opposition with folks saying I was crazy to even suggest it. Why? Many complained that all a new bridge would do is cost nearby taxpayers thousands and create another eyesore in the Hudson Valley.

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I understand the opposition! YES, a new bridge would cost taxpayers big time but think about how much time it could save us in driving. Folks who would at least entrain the idea shared some of the benefits of a new bridge including, less money lost sitting in traffic, more jobs for construction, and more jobs after it was completed with the bridge authority.

Where Should a New Bridge be Located?

That's the million-dollar question for anyone interested in bringing a new bridge to the area. LOCATION! We've come up with two locations that supporters feel would be a good fit and they include one that would connect Dutchess County's Hyde Park, NY to Ulster County's Espous...

New Bridge in Hudson Valley Location one.
Google Maps

Another popular suggestion would connect Wappingers Falls, NY to Marlboro, NY...

New Bridge in Hudson Valley Location two.
Google Maps
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