One diner, only a short drive from the Hudson Valley has just been named the best diner in New York.

A couple of times a year food lovers begin research by traveling across the county to try and locate the best diner in each state. Honestly, it's a job I think many of us would love to do at one time in our lives, right?

Unfortunately, jobs like these are hard to find and most companies aren't currently hiring but a specific group of "foodies" have just completed a journey across each state and have released the best diner in each state.

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Google Maps

Best Diner in Every State

Last year we told you that Stella’s Diner located in Syracuse, New York was named the best diner in New York for 20223.

At the time many of us complained about the ranking not because Stella's isn't good (we heard it's great) but because not one of the numerous Hudson Valley diners was even mentioned. Locally we have some amazing diners and the fact that none of them get any love stinks! How can the Millbrook Diner not be mentioned, the Red Line in Fishkill, NY, or what about the Alexis Diner in Newburgh, NY?

Dan's Diner Chatham NY
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Best Diner in New York 2024

Unfortunately, not one of the diners mentioned above even got a mention in this year's diner rankings (UGH) but it appears that the best diner in the state is getting closer to the Hudson Valley! The folks at Love Foods have just released their 2024 Best Diner in every state list after visiting hundreds of locations and weighing numerous factors including coffee, pie, comfort foods, and much more.

This year they decided to recognize two New York diners! Why?

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The Empire State has over 500 diners scattered across the state and many times places in New York City grab the top spot on lists like this so to be fair they picked one New York City diner and one much closer to the Hudson Valley.

Ellen's Stardust Diner
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Two New York Diners Named Best in the State

Ellen’s Stardust Diner, at 1650 Broadway, New York, NY edged out all others thanks to "its singing waitstaff and rainbow-colored bagels" according to the website. Ellen's is so beloved by customers that it was saved from shuttering due to COVID by a crowdfunding campaign organized by fans.

Dan's Diner
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Dan's Diner Named Best in New York

Dan’s Diner, located at 1005 NY-203, Chatham, NY has just been named the best diner in New York, and if you have never been it might be time to take a trip to Chatham! Not only does Dan's offer huge portions, a variety of breakfast and lunch options, and classic favorites like pancakes, French toast, eggs, ham, home fries, and omelets.

They also give guests the chance to eat in a piece of "Americana" as the diner itself is a 1925 Jerry O'Mahoney Diner that was originally located in Durham, Connecticut and brought back to its former glory by owner Dan Rundell. Dan spent 12 years working on it and once it was done he transported it to its new home in Spencertown, New York in 1993.

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Congratulations to Dan's Diner and who knows maybe next year a Hudson Valley diner will be #1! Do you have a favorite diner you'd like to recommend? Let us know through our station app above.

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