A second Stewart's Shop location in New York has announced they are closing soon.

Back in November, we told you that the folks at Stewart's Shops announced that they were closing one of its New York locations due to a problem that many retail stores have been dealing with for quite some time but is that why another store is closing?

Retail Theft at New York Stores

Big names in retail like Target and a few others have had to change the way they do business at a few New York locations recently due to a rise in retail theft. Target recently added age restrictions for shoppers and removed self-checkout at some stores due to theft. Not only is Target changing but one of New York's most popular convenience stores is also adjusting store operations, but doing it with a bit more finality.

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Stewart's Shops Closing Another New York Store

The Stewart's Shop located at the corner of Watervliet Shaker and Old Loudon Roads in Latham, New York will be closing soon according to WTEN. The store which opened in Latham back in 1981 is set to close for good on Friday, February 2nd, 2024 but thankfully they aren't closing due to theft or anything like what another Albany area Stewart's had to deal with (below), they have simply outgrown the location.

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A press release citing the store closure said that the store is no longer able to "efficiently serve its customers." The location currently has limited space for food, no gasoline, and doesn't have any additional property to expand the store so the company has decided to close. Stewart's did say that all of its employees at the Latham location have accepted jobs at other locations and shared its plans to build a larger shop at l956 Loudon Rd. in Latham, NY later this year.

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Theft and Violence Lead to the Closing of Stewart's Shop in Albany, NY

The Stewart's Shop store located on the corner of Manning Boulevard and Central Avenue in Albany, New York closed its doors for good on Thursday, November 16th due to numerous problems. A week before the Albany store closed Robin Cooper, Stewart's Shops Public Relations Manager clarified why the store would be closing saying, "following a surge in theft, robberies, and threats of violence that have created an unsafe environment for our customers and our partners who work there."

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