We're inching closer and closer to Valentine's Day and if you need a suggestion to win over your sweetheart, may we suggest something sweet?

Yes, we understand that candy isn't the most original idea when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, but it's part of the tradition.

CandyStore.com has been collecting bulk candy purchasing data for over 16 years and shared some interesting findings when it comes to Valentine's Day treats. They also break down the Top 3 Valentine's Candy by State.

Valentine's Day Candy Data

First, we have to start with the big numbers. Candystore.com reports that in a survey by the National Retail Federation Americans will be spending "a whopping $25.8 billion." That's down from 2023, where we spent $25.9B.

The website adds:

The number of people buying candy for Valentine's Day is expected to be at a new record high with 57% of consumers.

Most Popular Valentine's Candy By State

After collecting the data and crunching the numbers, Candystore.com was able to determine what Valentine's Day candy is the most popular in each state.

Source: CandyStore.com.

New Yorkers are buying the following candy for their sweetie on Valentine's Day:

1. Conversation Hearts
2. Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
3. Cinnamon Bears

I have a lot of questions. Do people really enjoy the chalky conversation hearts or are we just sharing them because they're cute? Also...what in the world is a cinnamon bear?!

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Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates is always a safe bet, even though it only came in 2nd place in NY. However, the Heart-Shaped box overall came in 1st place across NY as being the number 1 candy in 14 states.

M&M's, Hershey Kisses and Chocolate Roses were other popular Valentine's Day treats. I also learned there's something called Cupid Corn. It's like Candy Corn, but red and pink. Who knew? Apparently, Michigan, Cupid Corn is the most popular Valentine's Day candy in the Great Lake State.

What's your favorite Valentine's Day candy? Or would you rather get flowers?

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