The "cornerstone of New Paltz" since 1969 had its license to sell alcohol suspended by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) after numerous infractions, including serving alcohol to persons under the age of 21.

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P & G's Liquor License Suspension Continues

Back in March, we told you that P & G's the popular bar and restaurant on Main Street in New Paltz, New York had its license to sell alcohol temporally suspended by the NYSLA after reports said authorities witnessed numerous patrons under 21 buying drinks and discovered that an estimated 120 of the approximately 200 patrons inside the bar were allegedly under the age of twenty-one. 63 patrons provided the SLA with statements acknowledging they were underage and either purchased and/or consumed alcohol at the bar according to reports.

The liquor license suspension was upheld and continues after the NYSLA voted to deny the bar owners monetary offer to settle the charges. Patrick Garrett the Public Information Specialist for the SLA told us that "the owners made a monetary offer, which was rejected by the Full Board, which then in turn made a counter offer of cancelation."

The April 25th hearing, which was attended by license holders, Michael Beck Jr., and his sister Christen Beck, along with their attorneys gave them the opportunity to defend the establishment and explain what they would change if they were to have the license reinstated. The negotiations are ongoing and the suspension remains in affect until a resolution can be made according to the SLA. If a resolution doesn't occur a disciplinary hearing will follow according to Garrett.

P & G's
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This Will Never Happen Again

Attorneys for P & G's pleaded with SLA Commissioner Edgar DeLeon and Chairwoman Lily Fan to give the bar one more chance to fix the issues at hand by allowing them to go back to the way the establishment did business for many years promising that situations like this would "never, ever happen again!" Lan cited similar offenses by the bar over the years and told the owners "I didn't create this,.... we told you in September of 2022 to fix these problems."

The bar was hoping to settle the charges and be allowed to operate as only a restaurant moving forward, and not offer any night entertainment including live music/DJ/karaoke and simply offer guests food and drinks with background music.

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Try Again

As the meeting was coming to an end Commissioner DeLeon voted to deny the owners offer and Fan agreed saying

"You destroyed your own brand, we didn’t do that,"

She then encouraged owners to try again saying

"Since you own the building, you can re-brand and try it again."

The main street bar remains open for business while they await further hearings.

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