It is that time of year again as Fall settles in we start noticing things that may have been hidden on the side of the road. One of the things I always notice is the small old cemeteries that pop up as soon as the trees lose their leaves.

The Hudson Valley has a wealth of old roadside cemeteries. Just about every little farm road you roll down has one somewhere. Some of these were family plots others were the small cemeteries for a town that is no longer at that crossroad.

Where to Find Old Cemeteries in Ulster County, New York

In Ulster Country for instance there are areas where roads crossed that were small hamlets. Once a major route to get to and from places, they are now our backroads. These intersections still often bear their original name and you might see an old school house, a church, or even a cemeteries in what used to be a busy area.


I have always been fascinated with old cemeteries. The history that is buried in them and of course the family trees. One cemetery I checked out last year called the Auchmoody Cemetery I had driven by for years but it wasn't until last year that I actually got out of the car and walked around it.

Elting and DuBois Family Members Buried in the Old School House Cemetery

Recently I stopped at a roadside cemetery I must pass by at least once a week. I had never gotten out of the car to see the Old Stone School House Cemetery on New Paltz Road in the Town of Lloyd. According to Find a Grave at least 19 people are recorded having been buried at the site.


The Old Stone School is a really easy graveyard to tour and it is the resting place for some of Ulster County's oldest record names. Members of both the Elting and the Dubois families are buried in the cemetery.

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When investigating an old cemetery it is important to be aware if you are on private property. Some family cemeteries are on private land and you need to adhere to any and all no trespassing signs. It is also important when visiting these old cemeteries no matter what their condition that you respect where you are and under no circumstances remove any material.

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Take a Tour of the Old Stone School House Cemetery in the Town of Lloyd, New York

Old Cemeteries in Ulster County New York

These old cemeteries are scattered throughout Ulster County, New York. If you are familiar with the area you have most likely driven by one. My question is have you ever stopped and taken a moment to think about history? Some of the people in these old family plots lived in the Hudson Valley during the 1700s. One thing I do ask is if you do come across an old cemetery please be respectful. These grounds are someone's final resting place they should be treated that way no matter how you find them. Taking anything other than possibly a stone rubbing or a photo is unacceptable.