As we inch closer to the end of February we are still waiting to find out what will be happening on the Track at the Orange County Fair Speedway for 2024. The word is there will be racing but specifics have not been released.

Back at the beginning of the year, The Orange County Fair Speedway posted that they would be running stock cars on the track this year at some point. They also mentioned that Eastern States weekend was a go.

Update on the Orange County Speedway for 2024

In the weeks that have followed no more news has been released. A date was added to the Eastern States event. There will be a Thursday Night Hard Clay Finale on Thursday Night October 24, 2024.

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Let's hope no news is good news and they will release some more events soon. They haven't even mentioned motocross yet for 2024.

Orange County Fair Speedway via Facebook
Orange County Fair Speedway via Facebook

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As we wait to see what the race schedule will look like we do know that there are plans to hold the Orange County Fair at the Fairgrounds this year. Last year that event didn't include racing but it did have an exciting Monster Truck Show.

The Official Accord Speedway
The Official Accord Speedway

Two weeks ago, the Accord Speedway announced their opening day for Friday Night on May 3, 2024.

Accord Speedway intends to have a full season of racing, and they are also working on bringing other events to the speedway throughout the summer.

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So, no matter what happens at Orange County Fair Speedway, we know for sure that there will be racing on Friday nights in Accord, New York,

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