At one time the Hudson Valley was home to numerous Pizza Hut restaurants. Does anyone else remember these locations?

Over the years the landscape of businesses has drastically changed across the Hudson Valley, we've said goodbye to many of our favorite places and hello to new ones. It's one of those things that just happens over time and if you've lived in the Hudson Valley long enough you might remember one of those businesses that left a long time ago...sort of....LOL!

Pizza Hut Kingston, New York
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Pizza Hut in the Hudson Valley

There are still a few Pizza Hut restaurants open in the Hudson Valley including one in Newburgh, NY at 75 North Plank Rd, and another one in Middletown on Route 211 in Middletown. There are also a few express locations in Monroe and Montgomery but that's a lot different than years ago when most of the Hudson Valley was only a short drive from a Pizza Hut restaurant. Currently, Pizza Hut has approximately 150 locations still open across New York but as I mentioned only a few are near the Hudson Valley.

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Pizza Hut Wappingers Falls, New York
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Do you Remember These Pizza Hut Restaurants?

Personally, I never got a chance to try the Pizza Hut pizza when they had restaurants across our area but after asking friends on Facebook if they remembered where Pizza Hut had a restaurant in their neighborhood I couldn't believe how many of them closed down many years ago. If you don't remember most Pizza Hut locations all had that iconic red hut-shaped roof that made each restaurant look similar to a hut. There are only two locations I remember driving past back in the day and those were the restaurants located on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls (above, now a diner), and the one on Ulster Avenue in Kingston, NY.

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Facebook friends also let me know that there were at least 10+ Pizza Huts at one time in the area so after doing some research here are some pictures of former Pizza Hut locations across the Hudson Valley. If I missed a location let me know the exact address by texting us through our station app above.

Former Pizza Hut Locations in the Hudson Valley, New York

These locations were once a Pizza Hut restaurant.

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