If you are planning to get your Christmas tree this year at one of the area's most popular tree farms you may need to make different plans.

The Hudson Valley is full of numerous places for families to go and grab a real live Christmas tree for the house each year. We have parking lots at area grocery stores selling trees (if you've driven down Route 9 in Poughkeepsie recently you are well aware that the huge parking lot tree lots are up and running), various local fire departments offer trees every year, and we are lucky enough to have a bunch of real Christmas tree farms spread all over the area.


Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees in Dutchess County

There are numerous farms in Dutchess County to get a fresh Christmas tree, but there's one farm that many families from all over New York rely on to get their tree each year that has made an announcement that has left some families scrambling.

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Poughkeepsie Christmas Tree Farm Closed?

If you are planning to head to the Fabulous Firs Christmas Tree Farm at 683 Van Wagner Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY, to get your Christmas tree this year you will need to make other arrangements because they have already closed for the season.

According to a post on their Facebook page they are CLOSED for the remainder of the 2023 season with the post saying, "We are merely stewards of this land, and we thank you all for allowing us to keep farming and sharing in your memories."

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Once the farm posted the closing many fans of the farm left comments wondering why, "Oh no! We were planning on coming next weekend. So sorry to miss out." said one disappointed fan. Another said, "What a bummer. We were headed there first thing tomorrow."

We did reach out to the farm through Facebook to ask why they were already closed and if closing this early is normal for the farm and they told us "Fabulous Firs is closed for the 2023 season. Posted 11/25/23." They didn't provide any other information but one comment left on their page said they were out of trees already and that's why they've closed.

UPDATE! Fabulous Firs Christmas Tree Farm Explains Why They've Closed

"Hi CJ. Thanks for asking, because much of the media has run with the “tree shortage” headline for so many years now, that some farmers feel their story hasn’t been told. Farmers like us. Each farm manages their land and crops differently. The way we steward the land is by selling only the crop grown for that year; the obvious being that if you sell more than you plant, there will be a snowball effect for many years to come. And since one average 8’ Christmas tree has been growing on our land for over 10 years (!!!), you see that we can’t just grow more over night. Some farms choose to supplement by buying in trees from outside suppliers, which we don’t do, because we are all about the experience our customers have for a day with us on our beautiful farm, we’re not into feeling like a tree lot. That’s our farming philosophy, and we’re sticking with it since 1984."

One family left a comment saying,

"Wow!! I’m shocked. We’ve been coming for a decade - from mid Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk border) & sometimes as late as 2 weekends after Thanksgiving weekend (but usually Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend) & have never seen you close before that point. I guess word has gotten around far and wide that Fabulous Firs Christmas Tree Farm is the BEST! Thank you for your beautiful trees."

Another said,

"Wow, that's too bad. We've been coming there for 31 years every year to cut our tree down after thanksgiving ... so very upsetting to lose this tradition , and now scramble to find another place."

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Where to Get A Fresh Cut Christmas Tree in Dutchess County, NY

Dutchess County has numerous farms to get fresh-cut trees this year including:

Abel Tree Farm at 435 North Clove Rd. (County Route 9), Verbank, NY

Market Farm at 265 Market Lane, Stanfordville, NY

Hahn Farm at 1697 Salt Point Turnpike, Salt Point, NY

Solvang Farm at 80 Bedell Road, Poughkeepsie, NY

Evergreen Farm at 407 North Tower Hill Road, Millbrook, NY

For more tree farm locations check out a list provided by Dutchess County Tourism online here. The list is from a few years ago, so it's a good idea to contact the farm first to make sure they are still open and have trees available.

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