"Did you feel that?" Might be the most common question Hudson Valley residents are asking lately. Aftershocks can still be felt after the April 5th, 2024 earthquake across New Jersey and New York.

New Jersey & New York Rocked by 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake

On April 5th, 2024 around 10:23 am EST many New Yorkers found themselves asking those around them "Was that an earthquake?" At first many thought they were just imagining things, but it turns out they were right.

The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed shortly after that a 4.8 Magnitude earthquake was recorded on The Ramapo Fault near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. New Yorkers are used to rain, snow, and bears, but earthquakes aren't expected in our day-to-day lives.

Thankfully, there were no deaths or injuries during the quake, but it was caught on camera  in several locations including the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York.

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Needless to say, social media went wild and the West Cost had fun making fun of the East Costs over reaction. And for the record, the 2024 earthquake was ranked at the 4th largest in the Greater NYC area.

Strong Aftershock Rumbles in NJ, Was it Felt in NY?

After every earthquake there are chances of aftershock tremors. According to NBC News  aftershocks can happen for at least a week after the initial quake. They add "The USGS said there is a 21% probability of a magnitude 3.0 or higher aftershock in the first month after this particular earthquake and a 3% chance of a magnitude 4.0 or higher."

With that being said, the aftershocks have been rumbling over the last week and one of the strongest happened on Wednesday April 10th, 2024, 5 days after the 4.8 earthquake.

ABC7 News reported the USGS confirmed a 2.6-magnitude aftershock in Gladstone, New Jersey around 10:22 am on Wednesday morning.

Several Hudson Valley residents allegedly felt the aftershock rumble. Again, these aftershocks are completely normal after an earthquake like the one we experienced on April 5th.

The USGS explains on their website:

As a general rule, aftershocks represent minor readjustments along the portion of a fault that slipped at the time of the mainshock. The frequency of these aftershocks decreases with time.

There have been several aftershocks felt since the initial earthquake.

Did you feel the aftershock on Wednesday April 10th? Where in the Hudson Valley did you feel it?

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