A Putnam County couple had to cut their recent camping trip early after a possible Bigfoot encounter.

Couple Scared off By Possible Bigfoot in Putnam County, NY

The team at Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley shared a story this week after a November 4th camping trip ended after a scary situation occurred. According to the report the couple had an "experience so bad" they bailed on their campsite and got a hotel.

Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley, Facebook
Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley, Facebook

We have yet to hear where exactly the couple was camping in Putnam County, but they write:

Right after nightfall, there was something/someone who was making bad imitations of different bird calls. Over the course of about ten to fifteen minutes it kept getting closer and closer to the campsite, til it was about fifty yards away and started cycling through all these very strange vocalizations.

They add they decided to leave after they heard "what sounded like a person walking (on two legs) straight towards the campsite. The couple believes that "the behavior is consistent with a lot of Sasquash encounters" they've heard about in the area.

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You can read the full report and other Bigfoot sightings across the Hudson Valley on The Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley Facebook page. 

Putnam County, NY Hot Spot For Bigfoot Activity?

In 2020, during peak COVID lockdown, a camper decided to take in a beautiful May night at Great Croton Swamp across from the Patterson Rec Center. The camper told Bigfoot Researchers Organization after setting up camp:

"About five to ten minutes later to the left of me way off in the distance there was an obvious wood knock then immediately to the right of me in the distance but in that direction is the Great Croton Swamp was a reply wood knock and then immediately after that another from the left. Then nothing."

Knocking, much like the vocalization mentioned above, is known as a communication method between bipedal Bigfoot creatures.

Did the Putnam County couple encounter the same Bigfoot from 2020? It could be possible.

Now, this isn't the first time Bigfoot has allegedly been encountered in the Hudson Valley. Bigfoot has had a 60-year history in our neck of the woods. Do you believe in Bigfoot? Have you had an encounter like the ones below? Let us know!

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