You are not alone if you are celebrating a birthday in January or February. Many members of the animal kingdom have annual birthdays this time of year. Horses for one can be born in late winter or spring but they all technically age a year in January.

It turns out the is the same for our local Black bear population. While they hibernate during the winter months Momma bears also give birth. Therefore bears born in the wild that now live a zoos, preserves, and nature centers all celebrate their birthdays in January.

Popular New York Zoo Celebrates Bear Birthdays All Month

The Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park are celebrating bear birthdays this month with Pal and Sadie the resident black bears that call the Trailside Zoo home. The Trailside Museum and Zoo is open during Winter from 10 AM to 4 PM if you want to plan to visit.

Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park via Facebook
Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park via Facebook

Our bears were born in the wild, meaning we don’t know their exact date of birth. Lucky for them, this means we celebrate all month long! Visit Trailside this January to wish the bears a very happy 19th birthday (via Facebook / Trailside Museum and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park)

The Trailside Museum and Zoo is open year-round. It has paved nature trails with exhibits where you can see many of our native Hudosn Valley Wildlife in person. Located along the Hudson River there are marvelous views. If you plan to visit picnicking and pets are not allowed.

In December the Trailside Zoo celebrated the holidays with Pal and Sadie by throwing a Beary Christmas which is picture below.

Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park via Facebook
Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park via Facebook

Fun Facts about Hudson Valley Black Bears from the NYS DEC

Male black bears can weigh 300 pounds, and females, as much as 170 pounds.

Bears can hibernate for up to 5 months in the Winter.

They learn from experience so if their behavior results in food they will repeat it.

Feeding Bears is illegal in New York. is another great source for bear information. They do a great job of explaining that bears have a two-step pregnancy. They get pregnant but the fertilized egg doesn't implant until months later. So bears potentially are pregnant before they hibernate but conditions have to be right for that egg to become a cub.

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