Love Stewart's Shop Iced Coffee? Prove it.

Do You Love Stewart's Shops?

If you talk to anyone living in what city folk will call "Upstate New York" and ask them about their favorite convenience store, they're probably going to say Stewart's Shops.

We all know and love it. From gas and free air to the most delicious coffee, ice cream, and baked goods, Stewart's Shop is a must-stop at least once a week for New York State residents.

Stewart's Release New Iced Coffee Merch

Stewart's Coffee has garnered quite a reputation, as has its iced coffee. It's so well-loved that Stewart's has released specific merch for iced coffee lovers:

Stewart's Shops Facebook
Stewart's Shops Facebook

Stewart's wrote on Facebook earlier this month: Say hello to your new favorite coffee run fit! Our Women's Iced Coffee Tee is here to keep you cool and comfy this summer! Featuring our iconic iced coffee and cold brew lineup." They add:

Perk up your closet and get yours here while supplies last!

You can purchase yours at They also have restocked another favorite, an oversized hoodie with "What's Your Flavor?" written on the back:

Show Your Stewart's Shops Love With Merch and... LEGOS?

There are many ways to show your love for Stewart's Shops. The easiest of course is going to your local shop and supporting them by maybe purchasing an apple fritter, gas, or ice cream!

You could also purchase other types of Stewart's merch from their shop. Sweatshirts, dog apparel hats and so much more, take a look:

Show Your Love for Stewart's Shops with New Stewart's Merch

Is there a Stewart's Shop lover in your life? The Stewart's Merch shop is going to change their life!

And can't forget about these items:

Stewart's Shops Release New Hoodies, T-Shirts and More in Online Store

You're not a Stewart's Shop fan unless you're rockin' their merch!

Then, if you're creative enough, you can build a replica of your favorite Stewart's Shops like one Upstate New York creator did last year:

Upstate NY Creator Builds a LEGO Replica of Stewart's Shops