The Danes of UAlbany are lending a helping hand to the rescued Great Danes of Dutchess County.

22 Great Danes Saved in Dutchess County

On January 13th, 2024 The Ulster County SPCA received a call from Town of Milan Dog Control Officer asking for assistance in moving 15 Great Danes from a local home. The owner had died and the dogs were left to fend for themselves.

Once the UCSPCA arrived on scene they learned that the 15 Great Danes was actually 22. The dogs, while well fed, were found in horrible conditions living in a home covered in mud, feces and urine.

Ulster County SPCA
Ulster County SPCA

Along with the Ulster County SPCA, several local organizations jumped in to help including Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Hudson Valley SPCA - Orange County, Dutchess County SPCA, Ulster County Canines, German Shepard Rescue, and Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue.

And now it looks like more help is on the way...

Danes Helping Danes: UAlbany Athletics Steps Up

The news of the 22 Great Danes rescued in Dutchess County has made the rounds and ended up in the Albany area. Coincidentally, the University at Albany mascot is the Great Dane. Now, the UAlbany Danes are doing what they cant to help the Dutchess County Danes.

Head football coach at The University at Albany, Greg Gattuso, said in a statement:

"It was heartbreaking to see this in the news. Great Danes are such amazing animals. I urge our entire fan base to help these local organizations in any way possible so these dogs can get the proper care they deserve."

Gattuso has a soft spot for Great Danes, not just because he's the head coach of the UAlbany Danes, but he has 2 Great Danes of his own named Blitz and Bruno. With that being said, the UAlbany Athletic Department is spreading the word and asking for donation to help the local Hudson Valley agencies that are currently nursing the pups back to health.

In a press release UAlbany Director of Athletics Mark Benson said:

"These animals need our help. It is a great opportunity to show who we are as a university by aiding fellow Great Danes. We are asking the community to come together for a cause that touches all of our hearts."

Donations can be made through the rescues Amazon and Chewy Wishlist which are linked below:
Ulster County SPCA
Ulster County Canines
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Hudson Valley SPCA
Dutchess County SPCA

Rescued Great Danes Recovering in Safe Environment

We reached out to Gina at the Ulster County SPCA and will have an update on the Great Danes and their status soon.

Ulster County SPCA
Ulster County SPCA

The Ulster County SPCA shared an in-depth look into the rescue. Several Hudson Valley animal rescues showed up to assist.  Take a look below:

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