Once in a while, there is a piece of property that comes up for sale that offers something rare and unique that you can only find in the Hudson Valley. 1091 Albany Post Road is one of those places.

The list of what you get with this 1950s fully renovated house is amazing but my favorite part is something you can't always buy. It actually may be the only place you can own that offers this unique opportunity. How would you like to own your own island?

Wallkill River Island For Sale in Gardiner, New York

Hudson Valley Real Estate, Gardiner New York
Mark Stryker Realty LLC via Zillow

It may be small. It may not be big enough for a dwelling but it will definitely fit you, your kayak, and plenty of friends. Imagine being able to say you own an island in your own backyard. People will think that is cool.

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You may be asking why do I want an island in the Wallkill River. I say why not especially when it also comes with two places to live and 78 acres smack dab in the middle of Gardiner, New York. At one time this property was going to be developed but that didn't work out I guess so now it can be your nature getaway.

Renovated House with Island For Sale in Gardiner, New York

Of course, you may need a few friends who want to use your island for fishing to chip in because the price tag might be a bit steep at $2,500,00. But hey you can dream, right?

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Island for Sale in the Wallkill River

The house for sale at 1091 Albany Post Road is small but stunning. The 70-plus acres that come with the sale are beautiful but the best part of this house is that you will also be the proud owner of an island in the Wallkill River in Gardiner New York.

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