No Joke, I have been trying to clean out my garage and my house since last summer. Every time I turn around I find a new pile behind the pile I already sorted.

Spring cleaning at my house has not gone well. That is why it will soon become the Summer Purge. I am over due to buy my dump pass but it is coming this weekend.

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It is not my fault that I can't walk away from a piece of furniture that just needs some love and some elbow grease to bring it back to a saleable or useable object. My side hustle is antiques and unfortunately, I have never met a chair that didn't need a new seat.

It is garage sale season which means you might consider have one if you are like me and think you could make some money on stuff that is cluttering up your existence. It is time to make room and money. Don't be afraid to make a buck or two off stuff you are done with, of course, if you just want it gone you can do that too.

Three Ways to Get Rid of Junk in the Hudson Valley

1 - Call a junk remover. YOu could go national with someone like 1-800-Got-Junk or use someone local that way you are putting dollars back into your community. There are a few folks like the ones at NJA Auctions in Saugerties who will come out and pick the stuff you don't want. That will cost you a few bucks.

2 - You can walk your unwanted stuff to the curb and mark it free. You might be surprised how fast that stuff disappears. Be sure to check with your town or village about putting things on a curb some towns are funky about it.

3 - Take it to the dump yourself and don't look back.

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Hudson Valley Transfer Stations

This is a list of Hudson Valley Transfer Stations. Most are open to the public but a few have residency restrictions. Transfer stations are the best place to drop off unwanted trash. They sort and properly dispose of all types of materials.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn