We're starting off the new year fresh. Get ready for the first full moon of 2024 later this month.

If you're into stargazing, astrology and the moon, you're probably patiently waiting for the first full moon of January and all 11 months following. Luckily, we did a little digging and found the exact dates and times you should be on the look out, weather permitting of course, to see a full moon every month.

According to Forbes contributor Jamie Carter, we can expect "12 full moons—including four “supermoons,” two lunar eclipses, and one “blue moon" in 2024.

First Full Moon of 2024

Kicking off 2024, we'll see the Full Wolf Moon on Thursday, January 25th 2024. Carter writes that the Wolf Moon is "one of the highest-hanging of the year" and will be visible at 12:54 p.m. EST.

Why is it called the Full Wolf Moon? The Old Farmers Almanac writes:

It’s thought that January’s full Moon came to be known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more likely to be heard howling at this time.


What's in a Moon Name?

Each month will bring a new full moon with a different name and meaning. After January's Wolf Moon, we see the Snow Moon in February and the Worm Moon in March. When it comes to all the full moon names throughout the year the Old Farmers Almanac explains:

The Moon names we use in The Old Farmer’s Almanac come from Native American, Colonial American, or other traditional North American sources passed down through generations. For example, the name of January’s Wolf Moon is not a traditional Native American name; it is thought to have English origins and was brought to North America by European settlers.

Super Moons in 2024

Forbes is reporting that 4 of the full moons this year will be considered Super Moons. Does a Super Moon bring superpowers? Not that we know of, the experts over at NASA explain that a Super Moon "occurs when the moon's orbit is closest (perigee) to Earth at the same time it is full."

Learn more about the Full Moons of 2024 and when they will occur throughout the year below:

When to Catch Every Full Moon in 2024

It'll be a busy year in the skies with meteor showers, full moons, and super moons!

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