Get ready to get your hands dirty on film. Wait, that sounded awkward.

I digress.

It's no secret that the Hudson Valley has become one of the most popular filming locations across the US. Seeing wardrobe trailers and the bright lights of Hollywood driving down Route 9W and Main Street in Beacon are becoming everyday occurrences.

With more production companies coming to the area, there are more opportunities to snag yourself some background work. How cool would it be to see yourself walking behind the stars on the big screen or on TV?

Blue-Collar Construction Workers Wanted in Woodstock, NY

Hudson Valley Casting shared a non-union background work casting call for a production being shot in the Woodstock area. They are currently casting for 2 groups of people.

In Group 1 they are looking for 12-7 store workers "ideally" in their late 30s to 50s. They describe the role as "hardened blue-collar construction workers or people who work with their hands"

For Group 2 they are casting 30 store shoppers of any ethnicity, citing "most ages would work" for the role.

According to Hudson Valley Casting, extras will be used on the following dates:

Monday July 17th- Day shoot - Group 1 extras (6-8)

Friday July 21- Night shoot- Group 1 extras (12)
Monday- July 24- Day shoot- Group 1 extras (12)
Tuesday, July 25- Day shoot- Group 1 extras (12)
Wednesday, July 26- Day Shoot- Group 1 extras (6)
Monday, July 31- Day shoot Group 2 extras- (5)
Thursday, August 3- Day shoot, Group 1 extras (15)
If you're interested in becoming an extra for the unnamed project email a picture of yourself, your email address, phone number, and availability and Hudson Valley Casting adds "you must inquire about the RATE."
Have you ever gotten a role in a Hudson Valley shot production? Were you in any of the 25 films below? Let us know!

25 Hudson Valley Locations Featured in Movies

The Hudson Valley, or the new Hollywood? The Hudson Valley has been featured in many movies over the years, and it's not stopping. From recent hits like A Quiet Place (2018) to modern- classic films like The Departed (2006), The Hudson Valley has been a low-key hot spot for locations. Due to tax incentives, beautiful locations, and the growth of independent filmmaking, the Hudson Valley will continue to thrive as a valuable destination for filmmakers.

So, we compiled a list of 25 Hudson Valley locations featured in film. This list includes blockbuster hits and independent films too. We hope you enjoy reading through, and learn more about The Hudson Valley and film!

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