Did you know that these three Hudson Valley towns have landed in the top 5 of the worst places to live in New York State?

Every year there are a few research companies that will do what they can to try and come up with some of the best places readers should think about moving to. Oftentimes when they do their research they will look at various factors to try and determine which places are the best to live and unfortunately like most things, with the good always comes the bad.


Best Places to Live in New York

The folks at Roadsnacks released its yearly list of the worst places to live across the country back in January and to determine which of New York's towns are the worst they weighed numerous factors including crime, unemployment, and how much the average home costs in each town.

Before we share the worst places to live (below) let's start with the good!

If you are planning a move into a different New York town and are interested in living in one of the best towns research shows that Kings Point, Farmingdale, and Malverne, New York are the top three towns to live in New York.


Worst Places to Live in the U.S.

On the flip side, the top 10 worst towns to live in New York according to new research have Jamestown at #10, Rochester (#9), Endicott (#8), Binghamton (#7), and Salamanca at #6. Surprisingly this year three of the top five worst towns to live in New York include three Hudson Valley towns!

Schenectady comes in at #5 followed by (#4) Newburgh, (3#) Monticello, (#2) Liberty, and the number one worst place to live in New York goes to Albion, New York. Albion, NY is located in Orleans County and is just south of Lake Ontario along the Erie Canal.

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Newburgh, Liberty, Monticello New York
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Newburgh, Monticello, and Liberty 3 of the Worst Places to Live in New York, But Why?

All three landed near the top of this year's list due to high crime, an expensive cost of living, and residents not making enough money at their jobs to match the high cost of living. Newburgh has a crime rate that is nearly 40% above the national average.

Monticello and Liberty also score extremely low in each of the categories mentioned above but personally, I feel like all three have their challenges but the 3 of the worst? There have to be other towns in the state that have it worse, right?

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