I have seen some pretty wild real estate listings through out New York State. Keep scrolling to see Jackie Gleason's Spaceship House and a Hobbit House built underground but, as outrageous as those are, I have never seen quite like the Mushroom House.

The world famous Mushroom House is an iconic home tucked away in the woods of Parinton, NY. Why is it called the Mushroom House? The name of the house gives you an idea of what to expect but wait until you see these pictures. By the way you can rent the Mushroom House, listed by realtor Richard Testa. On last check you can stay there for just $5,500 a month.

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6 different artists and 2 architects created the Mushroom House, which started with an idea from artist Marguerite Antell. She wanted an “exciting adventure in living currently and the years to come!” and she wanted the house to “belong to its’ site and to have a natural honest feeling.”

Take a look at the pictures below. As a rental property at $5,500 a month it would be pretty expensive to stay there but we can always look around this 1971 structure with over 4,000 square feet of living space and the most unusual home you will ever see.


Located at 142 Park Road in Parinton, NY, this place has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hot tub, fireplace, billiard room and a massive deck. All of that sounds great but doesn't even come close to describing what you are about to see in the pictures below.

Mushroom House of New York

The outside looks insane but wait until you see the inside of the Mushroom House of New York State.

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New York House Built In The Side of A Hill!

This Hobbit's House in Saugerties, NY is one of the coolest houses on the block. One problem, you have to mow the lawn.