A Hudson Valley teen facing a number of serious charges.

New York State Police responded to State Route 9 in the town of Livingston on Friday.

Fire Investigation In Columbia County, New York

CBS 6 Albany
CBS 6 Albany

Emergency crews rushed to a home following reports of a fire with people trapped inside the structure.

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New York State Police responded with the Livingston Fire Department.

After the fie was put out a man was found dead inside the home.

58-Year-Old Killed In Home Fire

CBS 6 Albany
CBS 6 Albany

On Monday, New York State Police identified the victim as Edmund W. Metz. The 58-year-old man from Livingston was pronounced dead on the scene.

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Police also confirmed on Monday that an arrest was made.

15-Year-Old Girl From Hudson, New York Accused Of Murder

CBS 6 Albany
CBS 6 Albany

According to New York State Police the investigation determined the fire was "deliberately set by a fifteen-year-old suspect."

The unnamed 15-year-old from Hudson, New York was charged with murder, depraved indifference to human life, and arson, all felonies.

An alleged motive wasn't released by authorities. Police also didn't say how the girl and Metz knew each other.

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The fifteen-year-old suspect was arraigned before the Honorable Judge Howard of the Columbia County Court and remanded to the Columbia County Jail.

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