A very "aggressive" bear destroyed parts of an Upstate New York home and returned to the home for more. Officials issued tips so this doesn't happen at your home.

The New York State DEC confirmed forest rangers rushed to a home for a "nuisance bear."

"Nuisance" Bear Destroys Kitchen In Washington County, New York

Facebook/Town of Fishkill
Facebook/Town of Fishkill

Late last month, ECO Kelley received a report that a black bear had broken into a home in the town of White Creek.

The bear destroyed the home's kitchen in an apparent search for food, the DEC reports.

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While Officer Kelley was investigating the home and reviewing photos of the bear, the animal returned to the yard.

"Aggressive" Bear Returns To Upstate New York Home

Angel D/Canva
Angel D/Canva

When the bear returned it was "aggressive," according to the DEC.

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"DEC wildlife experts provided technical advice to ECO Kelley based on the information he provided and advised that the bear would need to be put down humanely due to it associating the residence as a food source and displaying aggression to humans," the DEC stated in a press release.

"Aggressive" Bear Trapped, "Put Down"

Black bear
Jillian Cooper

The DEC set up a trap near the home and caught the bear the next morning.

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The bear was successfully euthanized to prevent any further unsafe interactions with humans.

How To Stop Conflicts With Bears In New York State

The DEC says to use this story to make sure you are "BearWise" by following these tips which should help prevent human-bear conflicts.”

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