There's another tragedy in the Hudson Valley. Another local child was killed by a school bus.

5-Year-Girl Killed By School Bus In Spring Valley, New York

CBS New York, YouTube
CBS New York, YouTube

A 5-year-old was hit and killed by a school bus on Friday in Rockland County, New York.

The girl was hit after getting off the bus near her home on South Madison Avenue in Spring Valley. Paramedics were among those who responded but were unable to save her.

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The girl's name hasn't been released. Witnesses told CBS News the bus driver remained at the scene and looked distraught.

CBS New York, YouTube
CBS New York, YouTube

"My condolences, man. People gotta watch out for these buses. Gotta see where the kids are going. I don't even know how that happened, but how do you not see someone crossing the street?" Spring Valley resident Gene Focus told CBS.

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Another Tragedy in Rockland County

The fatal crash didn’t happen far from where an eight-year-old boy was killed after getting struck by a school bus in Rockland County a few weeks ago.

Child Fatally Hit By School Bus In Rockland County, New York

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"It's unfortunate. They go too fast on this street, too fast. They don't slow down," Spring Valley resident Brian DeMasi said to CBS after the 5-year-old was killed in Spring Valley.

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