A 9/11 hero and longtime New York educator is in desperate need of lifesaving help. Can you help save her life?

New York State residents are trying to help a beloved former principal get a lifesaving kidney.

9/11 Hero, Former New York City Principal Needs A Kidney


Lily Woo learned she had Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease in early 2018 and was placed on the transplant list.

"In the summer of 2020, I became extremely ill, spending five months in the hospital. Unfortunately, my situation has gotten progressively worse, and now I have Stage 5 End Stage Renal Disease," she said.

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In early 2023, a young friend with a matching blood type agreed to donate a kidney. But it proved to be too weak and small.


A deceased donor's kidney also didn't work and Woo is back on the transplant list.

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Woo spent 25 years of her nearly five-decade career in education as the principal of P.S. 130. She won many awards, including the "Principal of the Year" Blackboard Award and being chosen as one of the "Everyday Heroes" by the 2004 US Summer Olympics Committee to run in the torch relay.

Current leaders at her former school have tried to donate kidneys, but can't due to medical reasons, officials say.


Current leaders of P.S. 130 have offered kidneys but can't be part of the donation for medical reasons.

9/11 Hero

Woo was called a hero after 9/11 because she stayed at her school for over three days, helping out children who couldn't be picked up by their parents.

Woo's school was very close to the 9/11 attacks.

World Trade Center Attacked
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President Bush, Governor Pataki and Mayor Giuliani all thanked Woo for her heroic acts.

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If you think you can help her you can visit her National Kidney Registry page for more information.

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