A situation that took place on Saturday February 24th that was captured on film, and shared to the RING-Neighbors platform, has led to the arrest of a 'dangerous' local man in possession of several firearms.

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Road Rage Caught on Video Leads Police to Dangerous Dutchess County Man

The Neighbors feature of the RING platform, which helps to keep the local community informed by putting 'neighborhood security in your hands,' helped lead the police to a man that recently scared motorists in Dutchess County.

The Wappingers Falls Police Department received a notification from RING - Neighbors on Saturday February 24th of what was said to be a 'possible crime' in the area.

On the video clip, a white male was observed stopped at a local traffic light 'threatening motorists, stating he had a gun in the back.' The description below the video included the following:

Please be careful out here. He almost caused a massive accident between myself and another driver. He chased us down rt 9 and acted like this at a red light.

Office Of The Police Commissioner
Office Of The Police Commissioner

Wappingers Falls Man Issued Extreme Risk Protection Order

In addition to the video clip, police indicate that other complaints of the same nature came in, leading to an investigation by the Wappingers Falls Police Department's detective division. Investigations led police to Paul J. Lomedico.

The detective division, following their investigation, applied for what is called an Extreme Risk Protection Order for Lomedico.

An Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) is a Supreme court order issued when a person may be dangerous to themselves or others. An Extreme Risk Protection Order prohibits a person from purchasing or possessing guns and requires the person to surrender any guns they already own or possess.


AR-15 Assault Rifles Sold At Utah Gun Shop
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Wappingers Man Arrested, Firearms Confiscated

With assistance from the New York State Police, Lomedico was served with the ERPO on Wednesday February 28th, and simultaneously, a search warrant was executed which resulted in the apprehension of two firearms; a .22 caliber AR-15 rifle and a .177c BB gun.

While the ERPO was being served, police report that Lomedico made several threats to 'kill the law enforcement officers on scene and to harm others' which resulted in his arrest.

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