A new study found that New York State is one of the most costly states in the nation. But it's not the most.

A spokesperson from Now Patient reached out to Hudson Valley Post to let us know about "new research" that revealed the states with the highest cost of living.

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New York State Nearly Leads Nation In Cost Of Living


"The research, carried out by Now Patient, has revealed the most and least costly states to live in by analyzing factors such as the average cost of groceries, gas, health insurance and funerals, as well as taking into account cost of living scores and gym membership prices," Now Patient stated in an email to Hudson Valley Post.

If you're reading this, you probably live in New York or have a connection to New York State. So it's probably not a surprise to learn New York State ranked near the top when it comes to cost of living.

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But there are a few states where's actually more expensive to live. Find out where, below:

New York State Ranks 4th In The Nation


New York State is the fourth most expensive state to live in, in terms of cost of living, according to Now Patient.

Below are the 5 states in terms of cost of living

  1. Hawaii
  2. Massachusetts
  3. California
  4. New York
  5. Alaska

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New York State Is the Most Costly State In America

However, New York State took the "title of the most costly US state," according to Now Patient.

New York county map vector outline gray background. Map of New York state of USA with borders and counties names labeled

"New York sees millions of visitors yearly, but living here will cost you a pretty penny - evidenced by its overall score of 9.05 /10. Some factors contributing to this US state’s top-place ranking on our list are the $31 average monthly gym membership cost and the $10,355 average funeral cost," Now Patient states.


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