The woods in Upstate New York are home to some seriously spooky things, including one object known as the Catskills Crone.

We've all heard the stories about why we shouldn't go into those dark places in the woods. Yes, they may be home the wild animals, but be careful what you bring out of the woods as well. You never know what type of paranormal activity you may be bringing with you.

An all new movie from paranormal power couple Greg and Dana Newkirk debuted a teaser trailer that features a very familiar face here in Upstate New York - the Catskills Crone.

The Newkirk's also operate their Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult. According to their website this is the backstory on this mysterious object.

While trekking off the beaten path in New York’s Catskill Mountains, two hikers discovered this strange, hand-carved statue in a small cave. Six rusty nails had been driven into its eyes, and a dirty length of cord was wrapped tightly around its neck. Despite their better judgement, the explorers removed the figure.

Taking that object was a big mistake. Because a ton of paranormal activity followed them home. That would include:

  • Muddy foot prints in the home
  • The smell of pond water in the home
  • Shadow figures

If you're a paranormal researcher you know that those things mean serious business. So what did they do? They sent the object off to Greg and Dana to investigate.

You can watch the full trailer for "The Unbinding" which will be debuting soon.

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