More than ever, we enjoy supporting local businesses. When we visit our favorite local coffee shops, eateries, boutiques and salons, we are not only giving back to these businesses but also to the community as well.

When we support local businesses, we may also meet new people, enjoy different experiences and become a part of a community.

As we continue to visit our local establishments, we do have guilty pleasures that we cannot give up. Before the idea of supporting local businesses truly came into play,  we ate, shopped and hung out at chain businesses.

These businesses may still be places that we visit and enjoy spending our money in.

What Guilty Pleasure Chain Businesses Will Hudson Valley Residents Always Support?

A fun poll was taken on Townsquare Media's Hudson Valley radio station, 92.7/96.9 WRRV. There were over 41 comments on this social media post made on Facebook.

Hudson Valley Facebook users are usually very attentive and responsive to posts and comments from other Facebook users. This can be a space where like minded individuals come together to share common interests, agree on topics or simply disagree based on personal opinions.

The recent Facebook post made by WRRV was a space where Hudson Valley residents and Facebook users shared their similarities and love for chain restaurants together.

Hudson Valley Residents Shared Their Top Voted, Guilty Pleasure Chain Restaurants That They Will Always Support

The following question was asked on WRRV's Facebook page, the answers were found in the comments section from the post.

"What’s a guilty pleasure chain business that you will always support? -Allison"

"Olive Garden! I love their breadsticks and salad -Allison"


"Olive Garden. Best fake Italian food around."


"Stewart’s. I trust there food more than other gas stations."


"Subway Tuna Sandwich, I know I know"


"Five Guys Burgers and Fries"


"White Castle"


"Dunkin. I know, I know....the coffee isn't great, the Donuts are sub-par at best, the Bagels are nothing more than bread Donuts. I don't partake in those, though. It's just a " thing" I guess."




"Buffalo wild wings"


"McDonald’s "


"Cracker Barrel ♥️♥️♥️"


"Chili's Grill & Bar"



I enjoyed reading the variety of different chain restaurants that Hudson Valley residents will always support.

What Other Chain Businesses Were Mentioned In The Facebook Post From WRRV?

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Hudson Valley residents would also support the following chain businesses.

"Barnes and Noble"


"Dollar Tree"


"Victoria Secret. My wife loves their offerings."

Dollar stores are fun, inexpensive and convenient for one stop, shopping.

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Would You Consider The United States Postal Service To Be A Chain Business?

post office

The Facebook post made by WRRV that asked the question of,

"What’s a guilty pleasure chain business that you will always support?" was answered by several Hudson Valley residents.

However, multiple times, the United States Postal Service was a response from Facebook users.

While this is an answer based on personal opinions, other Facebook users chimed in to share that they believed the Post Office answer didn't fit the question. In fact, Facebook users insisted that the post office is not a business but instead a service.

What guilty pleasure chain business will you always support? Share with us below.

Restaurants and Stores The Hudson Valley Misses The Most

If you could bring back any store, restaurant or favorite business from the past, which would you choose?

The Hudson Valley was filled with places to visit for our favorite meals, special occasions or simply just for grocery shopping. Some of us may have spent our birthdays at these locations or shared sweet memories that we will remember forever.

Here Are The Restaurants and Stores The Hudson Valley Misses The Most

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, WRRV's Facebook Page,

How You Can Own A Former Favorite Hudson Valley Restaurant

Brother Bruno's was located on 17B in Monticello/Bethel, NY. Known for its Italian cuisine, this local business had a large menu with something for everyone to choose from. Their drink menu, holiday meal specials and signature pizza brought in foodies throughout New York state and more.

Hudson Valley residents were shocked to see a post on social media from Brother Bruno's, announcing that they closed their doors after many years.

Brother Bruno's has been permanently closed since September 2023.

The Community Was Sad To See This Family Favorite Restaurant Officially Close

Not only did Brother Bruno's officially close in Monticello/ Bethel NY, but it is now for sale. Information has been provided by Keller Williams Hudson Valley and Coldwell Banker Realty. 

Brother Bruno's located on Route 17 B in the Town of Bethel, NY is for sale. This is in the Mongaup Valley area within Sullivan County, NY. They shared, 

"High traffic location with 13,800+ cars per day, on average. 4 miles from Route 17 / Future I-86 and minutes from Bethel Woods Center for Performing Arts. 2 dining rooms to allow for ample seating and private parties or events."

"This location also boasts a full service 15+ seating bar area, outdoor seating / patio area overlooking the Mongaup River providing iconic water views. "

Outside, there is a storage building which is located behind the main building.

How Much Would It Cost To Purchase This Restaurant In Sullivan County, NY?

Keller Williams Hudson Valley and Coldwell Banker Realty shared additional information about this location.

To purchase the former Brother Bruno's in Monticello/ Bethel, NY it would cost $749,900. The taxes are $15,767 and the business type is listed as retail.

However, updates were made to the entranceway and bathrooms in 2018. The wood fired pizza oven and dining rooms were also updated in 2010.

Gallery Credit: Keller Williams Hudson Valley, Coldwell Banker Realty