Have you been hearing about how people have had their homes stolen out from under them? There is a scam that gets you (unknowingly) to sign over your property to someone else, and then the process to prove that you did not such thing or that some one sinisterly robbed you out of your own home is a nightmare.

There are people who are constantly out to scam others. How can you avoid it? This is a tough one, but there is one Hudson Valley county that is looking to give their neighbors a helping hand so to speak when it comes to dealing with deed theft.

How can one Hudson Valley NY county make a difference when it comes to something awful like deed theft?

Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash
Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

Sullivan County NY has come up with a system to let deed holders know that something is changing with their property, but you have to sign up for it. Keep in mind, that the Sullivan County clerks receive the payment and the paperwork to record deed transfer transactions, they have to do it, but they do want to make sure that the transactions are legitimate and legal, thus they came up with the following alert program.  

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How can you be alerted to potential deed theft in Sullivan County NY?

Photo by Louis Renaudineau on Unsplash
Photo by Louis Renaudineau on Unsplash

The service is called Property Fraud Alert and the good news is that you can sign up for these alerts in any county in New York State. You will get an alert when there has been a change to an address that you have asked for alerts for. 

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