Social media platforms have been helpful for Hudson Valley residents. It's a place where residents can discuss local eateries, refer businesses, inform about information regarding the area and more.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, allow users to join groups which is a way to meet people, learn about a certain topic or location and more.

An Ulster County, NY Facebook group has over 16,000 users. In this group, a member asked a question about a smell in the area of New Paltz, NY.

Ulster County, NY Town Is Asking "What's That Smell?"


In the New Paltz Community Facebook group, a member asked a question that the majority of the Hudson Valley may be questioning as of now.

"Does anyone know what smells so good this time of year? Smells kind of like jasmine and clover-ey. Smelled it all my life but never had such a strong desire to know what plant it is!"


"I recognize this is a vague question and I may not get an answer.... alas, if that is the case I will just have to enjoy the scent in ignorance for one more year 🌸🌸🌸"

With over 46 comments and 9 reactions, members of the community were happy to chime in with their responses.

What Smell Has Gained Attention Of Ulster County, NY Residents?


Facebook users responded to the question that was asked on the New Paltz Community group.

"Isn’t it lovely! Honeysuckle."


"Lilacs, black locust"


"Lilacs are blooming"


"Autumn olive"


"Bet it's them dogwoods."


"The apple blooms are going on right now"


"Lilacs or Lily of the Valley?"

Additional comments shared similar responses to these questions with answers of lilacs, honeysuckle, autumn olive and more. I enjoyed reading the responses, I have questioned myself of all of the beautiful smells in the air lately.

What Smell Do You Notice The Most WIthin The Hudson Valley During The Spring?


It's been such a mood booster to walk outside, feel the sunshine, embrace the warm weather, see all of the lush green grass and trees. To be able to smell the fresh cut grass and all of the flowers blooming is exciting because this is just the beginning of a beautiful season.

I have already smelled fresh lilacs on the trees, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, tulips and more. All of these smells are signs that Spring has sprung.

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Problem Solved: Hudson Valley Residents Can Now Identify Mysterious Plants

While we use our nose to detect the fresh smell of flowers blooming in the Hudson Valley, there are ways to recognize some of our favorite flowers and plants that we haven't learned their name.

Seek by iNaturalist is an app that allows users to take a picture of a plant while Seek helps identify what the result could be. Not only does this app help identify plants, I used it on other objects and animals to see its accuracy.

Throughout Seek, you can also earn badges for different varieties of plants and animals.

Next time that you're outside, be sure to bring your phone and app with you. Seek by iNaturalist could help you identify a specific plant that you enjoy smelling but can't figure out its name.

What smell do you notice the most within the Hudson Valley during this time? Fill us in below. Happy Spring!

5 Ways To Know It's Spring In The Hudson Valley

I always know that spring has started when I first hear the sound of spring peepers. This may also consist of flowers start to blossom, the greenery throughout mother nature and return of several wildlife critters.

Others may also agree and share their opinions too.

As we are different people, we notice things differently as well. While someone takes an interest in a woodpecker in the tree on a soothing morning, someone else may notice a lawnmower humming noise during their breakfast.

On WRRV, a Facebook post asked local residents to share their opinion.

The question stated:

"Tell me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley without telling me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley, GO!"

Hudson Valley residents were not shy when it came to answering this question. Let's take a look at ways we can notice that it's spring in the Hudson Valley from all age groups and different locations.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, WRRV's Facebook Page,

6 Best Hudson Valley Backdrops For Capturing Special Moments On Camera

Ready, set, smile! The Hudson Valley is an ideal location to not soak up all of mother nature but to capture breathtaking pictures. 

It may be time for a wedding or engagement photoshoot, prom pictures, an improtu photoshoot or something to add to your social media account, these Hudson Valley backdrops are perfect.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Woodstock Land Conservancy, Facebook, Canva