Have you ever had a special moment arriving and wanted to go somewhere to take pictures beforehand?

A beautiful outdoor scenery space filled with lush green background, clear blue sky and no one around? This is my favorite kind of space. There have been plenty of times were an event is coming up and a destination is needed before hand to be somewhere to take pictures.

Instead of trying to look for the perfect spot to capture special moments, be sure to follow this guide to have a great experience and special pictures of memories.

The Hudson Valley has beautiful, scenic locations that allow nature lovers to embrace its natural beauty. I enjoy coming across these hidden gems and capturing scenes of the Hudson Valley, especially for the first time.

While visiting these destinations, I have also come across local businesses that I didn’t know were there before and at times, exploring a different town, village or hamlet within the Hudson Valley area. 

Almost all of these Hudson Valley locations are free to visit. I have visited these locations and captured mother nature in all of her beauty in mainly, Ulster and Dutchess counties. 

Whether these pictures are just of landscapes and scenery or a photoshoot including people, they will have you questioning if you are actually in the Hudson Valley when you go through the pictures.

6 Best Hudson Valley Backdrops For Capturing Special Moments On Camera

Ready, set, smile! The Hudson Valley is an ideal location to not soak up all of mother nature but to capture breathtaking pictures. 

It may be time for a wedding or engagement photoshoot, prom pictures, an improtu photoshoot or something to add to your social media account, these Hudson Valley backdrops are perfect.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Woodstock Land Conservancy, Facebook, Canva

Which Hudson Valley backdrop was your favorite from this list? What you also add to it? Share more with us below.

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