How often do you cross the Mid-Hudson Bridge? The bridge that spans the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie and Highland New York. The bridge that will currently cost you $1.65 to cross, when you are heading east bound.

What do you know about the bridge? The official name of the bridge is the Franklin D Roosevelt Bridge. It opened in 1930 and it is over 3000 feet long. There are more random facts about the bridge below, keep scrolling. What we are here to find out is whether or not it is a National Landmark.

Is the Mid-Hudson Bridge a National Landmark, it is in the Smithsonian, how?


We will get back to whether or not it is on the National Landmark list, but it truly is in the Smithsonian. The Mid-Hudson Bridge was the first in the United States to have one of those phones that people who were considering jumping to be able to call and have someone to talk to. Yes, the first one in the nation. Those help, call phones, are now on all the bridges across the United States, and have helped hundreds of people because of it.

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So, is the Mid-Hudson Bridge a National Landmark?


Here is what I discovered, the Mid-Hudson Bridge is on the (according to the New York State Bridge Authority website) in 1983, the bridge was honored by the American Society of Civil Engineers as a New York State Civil Engineering Landmark.

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